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Meant to be seen and heard in its true form

Meant to be seen and heard in its true form

So you have messaging app that has video call capabilities and you clearly see that quality of video gets bad when network conditions change? The video frame rate drops, colors get distorted and the resulting video just looks bad? Or maybe you want to see how your app changes release by release and how it compares to your competitors?

End-to-End Audio and Video Quality Testing

Measure UX KPIs accurately by incorporating our E2E audio and video testing services into your software development life cycle. Tailor these services to your current needs by choosing the full audio and video testing process or selecting a specific part of the process.

Test Data Capture

Test data collection is the process of gathering relevant data about audio and video applications—like network conditions, packet loss and latency. The purpose is to detect and address bottlenecks or defects on time and provide teams with actionable insights. This process can be manual or automated.

Test Data Processing

Test data processing gathers information from audio and video quality plus WebRTC-related metrics to generate time series data and a number of UX metrics that will be used to establish audio and video quality KPIs. Programmable test data processing tooling can be accessed via an API, SDK, CLI client, or web app.

Test Data Analysis & Reporting

Test data analysis and reporting thoroughly evaluates and presents audio and video metric data. Techniques like metric correlation analysis, statistical analysis, and graphical representation of data are used to identify trends and compare the performance of your application against the competition.

Video quality testing in action

Want to know more about how video solution testing is carried out? Take a quick look into behind the scenes of our video quality testing process!

GradientAudio quality testingVideo quality testing
GradientVideo quality testing

Video quality testing

With video being at the core of your product, it needs to be treated as such. Users rarely give a product a second chance, so it’s important to understand how video quality changes due to various factors like devices, network conditions, load, or scenarios. Framerates, resolution, bitrate, colors, and overall experience — to have the edge over your competition, all of this matters!

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GradientAudio quality testing

Audio quality testing

We've all been in a situation where we've had to repeat ourselves on calls, ask someone else to do so, or had to take the awkward way out — nodding along and pretending to understand. Good audio quality is essential, and avoiding user frustration is always a wise choice. To ensure this, we will combine automated solutions and algorithms with engineers manually analyzing individual cases to ensure as broad coverage as possible.

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Why audio & video testing is crucial for you?

Media quality & accessibility is critical for user retention and success. Now that collaboration, streaming, and conferencing solutions are in great demand, testing your audio & video solution has become more important than ever.

To stay relevant and keep your place in the market you need to make sure that your solution is working as intended for all users, no matter their network conditions, used devices, or other use case aspects.

With competition at an all-time high, make sure your users don't have to look elsewhere!

Product Quality

Be confident in your product, focus on the expansion! Leave the QA in our hands, so your team can focus on developing new features to advance, attracting new customers, and continuing to impress existing ones. Don't let unnoticed bugs scare away your users.

Competitive analysis

Understand your product’s strong suits and where it needs to be improved. Don't let your competition outrun you. Know what to improve and what to highlight when competing for the user's attention. Boost your chance of becoming the obvious user's choice amongst your competition.


Track software changes from one version to the next, making sure that the recently released version doesn’t negatively impact preexisting features. This will let you verify your product to make sure that you won't disappoint your end-users with unnecessary functionality bugs.

Compatibility & Coverage

Make sure your product performs well on all platforms and under any conditions! Avoid testing on only a few devices and platforms. Work with a professional audio & video QA team and rest assured that your product's performance is tested in all of its possible use case scenarios.

Comparison to competitors

Comparison to competitors

To get better understanding of how your product is compared to the market leaders we conduct tests on competitor apps of your choice. Its a good way to understand how to prioritize effort to improve. Every metric is compared separately. We can create our own graphs as well as provide you with the raw data so you can integrate in your existing dashboard.

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